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For All Firelinkers

What is Firelink?

Firelink is a multifeatured ranking software that analyzes the websites’ positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo in more than 100 locations and compares the results with market competitors. Unlike lots of free web tools, it offers not only flat position tables, but also analytical graphs to view your strategy in dynamics and a position breakdown for each of your site’s page and every targeted keyword compared to the rivals. Meticulous techies will love its precision while broad-minded market analysts will enjoy the clarity of Firelink visuals.

At the moment, “Rankings” module is public available with more opportunities coming soon.

Why Firelink?

Firelink is your tool to keep abreast of the search engines getting smarter every day. Here is a shortlist of SEO level-ups you can gain from this powerful data analyzer:

  • Your data is carefully gathered by crawlers and organized in vivid graphs. Thus, you can:
    • measure your visibility
    • be aware of the average ranking trends
    • see the detailed breakdown of your ranked keywords and keep them up.
  • Your account dashboard reflects a broad picture of your keyword structure, enabling you to:
    • monitor positions by all the needed keywords, not only top-ranked ones
    • explore the keywords by thematic groups
    • recollect all the ranked history by any tracked word while keeping the rivals’ positions on radar
    • see not only the keyword position data, but also the exact pages ranked for a given keyword
    • get access to the full SERP data by query
  • Your rankings are analyzed not only for Google but also for Yahoo and Bing, as well as an other search engines you could need
  • You’re getting perfect enterprise solutions:
    • quickfire processing of huge data volumes (thousands of keywords, hundreds of sites);
    • warm and helpful customer service
    • ability to add bespoke features to match your needs

Still not convinced? Our Features page would definitely give you more arguments.

How safe Firelink is?

Firelink respects your privacy, thus none of your data can be shared with any third party. Moreover, Firelink crawls SERPs in a wise way. It is impossible for a search engine to figure out which site exactly is being checked for positions, as we check the whole top 100 for a given keyword query.

Firelink also allows you to enable SSL-encryption for your account to view your data even more securely.

For Techies

How deep does Firelink crawl SERPs?

Firelink checks top 100 positions in any search engine for any given search query.

What's the crawl frequency?

In order to provide you with the most relevant information, Firelink crawls SERPs daily. Every day it updates not only your site’s data, but also the competitors’ info for comparison.

Which geos does Firelink cover?

Firelink copes with top 100 Google countries, all Bing and all Yahoo locations.

If your search request is more sophisticated and you prefer to distinguish searches by city, we would still be happy to handle it. Just contact us to get an assistance.

Which search engines does Firelink support?

Firelink is currently working with 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Still,we’ll gladly assist you in tracking your performance for any other search engine. Contact us and we will take care of adding an alternative search engine to your account.

How is the keyword limit counted?

With Firelink, you get only fair keyword count. This means that you pay for the word per site only without multiplying those by the number of search engines. Example: you’ve got 3 sites, each sites has 100 keywords, each keyword is checked in 5 search engines. We count it as 3 x 100 = 300.

How many competitors can I add?

You may choose 3 to 5 competitors per site depending on the selected package. You can change competitors any time after adding the site. It is still possible to add more competitors to your account. Therefore, if you’d like to exceed this limit, let us know and we will change a quote to your order.

How can I use the reports generated by Firelink?

You can understand the current situation on the market and check the dynamics. Tracking competitors allows for understanding whether their strategies are working. In addition, you can compare the performance of your pages and keyword groups to balance your SEO strategy.

For Moneymen

Which payment methods does Firelink support?

We accept PayPal and all major types of credit card payments.

All the transactions are handled by secure payment processing system. Your transaction history is saved at your account dashboard and can be viewed only by you as an account holder. Your credit card/PayPal details for recurrent payments are not accessible to us and are stored by the payment processing system only.

Can I be invoiced?

Definitely, this option is available. You’ll just have to contact us prior to making the payment.

Can I cancel my subscription and will I be compensated?

Firelink allows you to cancel or downgrade your account at any time. In case of cancellation, we guarantee that no fees would be charged after the moment when subscription is actually stopped. If you prefer to downgrade your account to a plan with a lower price, the next scheduled recurrent payment after downgrade is processed according to a new pricing model.

If you’d like to get more details on the procedure, please check out our Terms of Use.

For Advice-seekers

How can I contact the team of Firelink?

We’re glad to hear your questions, ideas, appreciations and complaints as it’s always pleasant to talk to such smart professionals as our customers are. Thus, if you’re in need of assistance or just looking for a wise geek to chat to, feel free to reach us on the Contact form, email [email protected] or phone +1 (888) 706-7517

I am in another timezone, can I still get in touch?

Being in another timezone is not an obstacle. Just e-mail us a note of your location and the best time to ring you back.

How do I share my suggestions with Firelink?

Your ideas are welcome, and would love to implement the brightest ones. Please provide your feedback by filling in the Contact form with "Feature request" subject or giving us a ring on +1 (888) 706-7517.

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Any other questions about the prices are welcome – just give us a call:

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