Rich in Features. Smart in Use

All features explained in one spot – benefit from these to the utmost.

Feature your trends with self-explanatory analytics

Firelink scans your data on the daily crawl basis and clearly displays its core meaning. This is your direct way to smarter reports with no hours wasted on processing endless tables.

Average Rank

The Average Rank graph vividly presents your average position by all tracked keywords. You can see the competitor curves in every graph to compare those to your campaign results.

Keyword Distribution

The Distribution graph gives a quick grasp of how your keywords are split between the 10th and the first pages of SERP. This is how you can match up the shares of keywords being in top 3, top 10, top 30, and so on.


Visibility demonstrates the percentage of target audience that have actually seen you in relation to the overall scope of searches by given keyword query. This is how you smarties can spot the connection between your website rankings and organic traffic while keeping an eye on your competitors.

Keep the interface on your side

Smart design is more than clear and nice-looking visuals. It means that all important metrics are in your sight, and the features help you take control of yours and competitors' performance. Which is just the way Firelink rank tracker works for you.

Divide and rule with a new Pages feature

Longing for the page-by-page keyword tracking? With our new feature, every single page gains its real value. Feed your accuracy hunger with the names of exact pages ranking for certain keywords. There's also something to be served as a dessert: find out the full list of keywords each page is ranked for.

Take smart settings out of a standard package

Benefit from unique SERP feature for any time span

SERPs change every day, but you don't need to worry about data losses. Firelink is a smart SERP checker that instantly gives you 100 search results by keyword for a particular period. See the whole SERP landscape in details instead of focusing on your own and competitors' projects.

Know the ins and outs of your competitors

Firelink rank tracker has a range of features for competitor research. Position your achievements compared to your market rivals in terms of both general performance and ranking for any particular keyword. No keyword limit to competitive marketing!

Explore your keywords by groups

Firelink's Grouping feature effectively tames your crowdy batch of keywords to form smart working groups. Visibility and average rank graphs as well as a position table can be easily customized for any given keyword group. Track all trends of your business for any keyword group needed.


Firelink has grown out of our long-run SEO campaigns within one of the most competitive market niches. We've got this feeling of sizzling - and energising - hunt for rankings on our fingertips. Meteoritic fall of competition quickens. New regulations flare up every month. We've designed a smart and flush of features ranking software to stay on top despite the changes.


We the Firelinkers are quite a group of security nerds. We've been racking our brains for the safest way to get you the info surefire quickly and precisely. All in all, here are the security features we've come up with:

  • SSL Encryption meaning that your data is securely stored behind the brickwall of https:// and would never be burnt out
  • Database encryption for careful smarties not fully satisfied with SSL
  • Two-factor authentication for you never to get hacked and have your smart ideas stolen


Where do your organic traffic and conversions come from?
Firelink has extremely effective techniques for the research:

  • It shows your rankings by any keywords needed, not only top-ranking ones as many free analytical tools do. This means you can track even a project that has just started gaining positions.
  • It gives you a breakdown on each ranked page of the web-site
  • It keeps the full SERP history for any given keyword


Firelinkers believe that it’s nice to have your data presented concisely with no time spent. It’s twice as nice to generate comprehensive graphical reports for the colleagues that are not very much into SEO. Hence our clean-cut and fancy Visibility, Average Rank, and Distribution graphs.


Smart and warm-hearted customer support comes together with every Firelink signup. Your every timid issue is scorching for us, and we won’t leave it without a reply.


Firelink helps you control your time to the fullest. The tool operates for thousands of keywords with lightning speed. Last but not least, its intuitive yet powerful interface immediately incorporates your data into a wider analytical picture.

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