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For hotspot market influencers

  • 10000 keywords
  • Daily checks
  • Unlimited competitors
  • Unlimited sites


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For SEO teams firing up multiproject businesses

  • 2500 keywords
  • Daily checks
  • 5 competitors per site
  • Unlimited sites


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For the uprising e-project leaders

  • 1000 keywords
  • Daily checks
  • 3 competitors per site
  • 7 sites


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By its ardent nature Firelink is aimed at enterprise sector. However we've got something to offer for all our clients. Behold the FIREFLY - a lifetime FREE package designed for individual webmasters and new growing projects. Get Firefly FREE package.

Want to Exceed the Limits? – Choose Custom Plan!

Have a business of a larger scale and need to track the portfolio beyond a Dragon package? Firelink allows you to exceed the limits with a custom plan.

  • track unlimited number of keywords within your account
  • add any unique locations not available in the general list
  • fully customize your account’s design
  • and much-much more…

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Hotspot pricing questions

  • Can I try it without giving you any payment details?

    Yes, your trial is truly free, as we request neither your credit card info nor any data about your PayPal account for the trial.

  • Are there any special conditions for quarterly, half-yearly and yearly subscriptions?

    Definitely. The longer you are subscribed, the more benefits you get. A keen firelinker right over the screen has all the subscription goodies to share with you, so ping us anytime to get your best offer.

  • Have you got any promotions?

    Sure, Firelink provides a variety of promotions and a flexible discount system. Just contact our support team to find out which bonus is the smartest for you at this very moment.

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