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Greetings, fellow SEO minds. Here comes the first post in our little blog. Gosh, so exciting…

What we’re planning to do here is to share with you information about our product, publish SEO-related researches, post some news and reviews of important events and so on. As an introduction I’d like to tell you about our cherished offspring – Firelink. So, without further ado – let’s get started!

What is Firelink?

 You probably know the answer already – yes, Firelink is yet another SEO tool. However, there’s one fundamental difference distinguishing our product from others – it has been developed by SEOs, for SEOs. The people behind it have been in the industry for over 7 years and at some point there came a realization – no tool at the market provides all necessary features required for a successful and in-depth SEO campaign.

So the idea was to create all-in-one multi-tool, covering everything you can possibly need to track at your web-site. This task might seem over pretentious, but there are resources, a goal and talented team – what else do you need? At this point we’re one step closer to this ultimate goal – the first major module with self-explanatory name “Rankings” has been released!

So let us go point by point.

Who needs it?

 Basically, all SEO managers who work with massive amounts of keywords and/or numerous sites, who want to monitor the results of their efforts on a daily basis and want these results to be represented in the form of comprehensive and conclusive graphical reports. Let’s go over it point by point.

  • Needless to say, it might be overwhelming to manage an enormous project with thousands of keywords to track. With Firelink it can’t be easier! You may create keyword groups to track separately, filter out those you don’t want to see at the moment and focus on the important stuff.
  • “Alert today, alive tomorrow” they say. Indeed, it is hard to overrate the importance of daily updates in constantly changing world of SEO. Such frequency allows you to react instantly to all shenanigans Google throws out on us and modify your strategy accordingly.
  • Another feature was implemented for your convenience to save you much time and trouble. With just a few clicks you can visualize the results of your campaign and export it into Excel or PDF format for everyone to see how awesome you are.

Why should I choose it over other tools?

The easiest way to answer that is to see by yourself. You are welcome to try out demo account or free trial and check out all the features first-hand. There are much more besides those briefly described above. Click here to learn more.

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